Science with Mrs. Birkner

Mrs. Cindy Birkner

Mrs. Birkner began teaching at Webber Township High School in 1995.  Over the last 24 school years, Mrs. Birkner has served in a variety of roles including teaching Special Education, science, gifted courses, and sponsoring numerous extra-curricular experiences for students.  Mrs. Birkner also has taught science at the college level and frequently participates in other endeavors within the field of science.  Most recently, she served as a Science Ambassador for the Center for Disease Control presenting on the Ebola virus.  Mrs. Birkner also works to advance the profession through serving with the Illinois Science Teacher Association.  

Through all of her varied experiences within the science field, Mrs. Birkner really enjoys helping students learn, face challenges, and succeed.  Mrs. Birkner shared, "It is in guiding, not telling them so the learning and accomplishments are their own."  Over the years, there have been many memorable moments for Mrs. Birkner but, one that stood out involved a former student returning to share how she had pushed them to succeed and be part of something bigger.

Outside of the school day, Mrs. Birkner loves to read, learn about history and science, take photographs, travel, and paint.  Mrs. Birkner loves to travel the world!