I wanted to take an opportunity to share some information and dispel some rumors that we are hearing.  This week has been our most difficult yet as we have learned of a couple of positive COVID cases with members of the high school.  We have had to send home several students due to potential close contact.  A few of those close contacts occurred in school and a majority were a result of contact outside of school.  While we can't put our lives on hold forever, I would encourage everyone to be mindful of places we visit and crowds with which we interact.  Decisions over a weekend could impact our lives for the next couple of weeks and possibly longer.  

Tomorrow marks 52 days of student attendance.  We have no indication that there has been transmission within the school.  To date, all of our positive cases have been indicated to be as a result of outside factors.  Here are our current numbers.

Total positive cases dating to the beginning of school: 5 (all at high school)

Students currently out because of household issues: 11  (K-12)

Students currently out because of potential close contact outside of school: 13  (K-12)

Students currently out because of potential close contact in school: 6  (9-12)

These limited number indicate that the mitigation measures in place at school are working.  Studies are showing that areas with hybrid school models are experiencing higher numbers because of more unstructured time out of school and group daycare settings.

I do want to commend our families for taking symptoms seriously.  We have not been having students show up if they are experiencing symptoms.  We are incredibly thankful for that.  That kind of cooperation makes the school day much smoother for our office staff and school nurse.  Please remember that there is no academic penalty associated with attendance.

At the grade school to this point, we have had ZERO confirmed cases.  There have been a few students who have had to be excluded due to contacts at home, but there have been no exclusions based on contact at school.  

Please, if you suspect that your child has been around a symptomatic or positive individual, keep them home.  One decision to send a child has the potential to impact several families.  

Finally, the Governor's office issued a press release yesterday pertaining to winter sports.  Basketball seasons are supposed to begin on November 16.  With the current restrictions, we have postponed any scheduled open gyms and tryouts until further notice.