End of the Year Information

As we are all aware, with Governor Pritzker extending the shelter in place order, school attendance is over for the remainder of the school year.  The school year will end as follows:

Last remote learning day for Seniors: Friday, May 8

Last remote learning day for all other students: Friday, May 15

There will be no final exams for high school courses.

The remaining days on the school calendar (May 18 - May 22) will be used as remote learning planning days for teachers to be able to process work and close out the school year.

Teachers have been asked to have any remaining items for seniors submitted by Wednesday, April 29, so we can distribute the materials.

For all other grade levels, teachers have been asked to have remaining learning materials ready for distribution by Wednesday, May 6.  You should receive the final learning materials no later than Thursday, May 7. 

As you finish materials, please return them to one of the drop boxes located at each office door and at Farrington Grade School.

We have also begun the process of packing up student desks and lockers.  If you would like to pick up your student's belongings, call the school and we will get the items ready.  Aside from that, we will deliver items over the next couple of weeks. 

Meal deliveries will continue through the end of the regular school year with the last delivery day being Wednesday, May 20.  We are also exploring options for continuing the meal program through the summer.  If you would like to participate in the summer meal program, please complete this survey.

Finally, we will be sharing information with high school students/parents to begin scheduling students for classes for next school year.  We will begin with current juniors this week and will continue with one grade level each week.  That information will be shared soon.