BUSD Update

I hope everyone is holding up okay in our current state of affairs.  We are scheduled to have "spring break" on Thursday, Friday, and Monday coming up.  As far as school work is concerned, we will observe those days as the "spring break" that is on the calendar.  No student work will be expected from April 9 - April 13.  With the current school closure lasting until April 30, we will resume our remote learning plan on Tuesday, April 14, and will continue on regular attendance days until Thursday, April 30 (for now).

Our meal delivery will continue as scheduled every Monday and Wednesday for the duration of the closure.  So, even though Monday, April 13, is listed as a "spring break" day, we will still deliver meals on that day. 

We have also received questions about state testing.  The Illinois Assessment of Readiness (IAR) and the Illinois Science Assessment (ISA) will not occur this year.  The state has received a waiver from the Federal government, so we will not need to administer those.  Juniors, who were supposed to take the SAT on April 14, are supposed to receive a waiver to be able to take the SAT next fall.  When we have details about how that will work, we will inform all juniors.

Finally, the school work out and in seems to be going okay for everyone at this point.  One question that keeps coming up though is, how do I know when work is ready for my student? Since all teachers are designing and creating unique work, most are on different schedules.  As work becomes available, we have been delivering packets with our meal delivery.  If you are not receiving meals, Mrs. Henson and myself have been delivering work as well.  As of last Thursday, everyone should have received all of their necessary work.  Students in grades 6 -12 are scheduled to receive another round next Wednesday, April 15.  Work for grades K-5 has been going out as the teachers prepare new work.   As you complete work, please make sure your teacher's name is on the page and return it to the drop boxes at each school entrance or send it with whoever drops off you meals.

An archive of all work assigned can be found at the link below.