The school district has compiled a list of every student to guide teachers. Teachers will communicate by any means necessary to reach every student including online, through phone calls, and with written information delivered along with meals. Email is the most desirable form of communication and teachers will be checking their email daily. Teachers will not have set “office” hours but will communicate on a flexible schedule.


Work assigned during remote learning days is expected to be completed. Work submitted can increase a student’s academic standing. Any work not completed will be listed as incomplete. Grading will be based on completion.

Scenario A: The student currently has an “A” in all subjects. The student completes all work assigned for the duration of remote learning. The student will maintain all “A’s”.

Scenario B: The student currently has a “B” in all subjects. The student completes nothing assigned for the duration of remote learning. The student will receive an incomplete for those subjects and may need to report to summer school or run the risk of being retained.

Returning Completed Work:

There are several options for families to return work. If you have internet capabilities, assignments can be emailed to teachers or turned in through Google Classroom. If you are receiving meal deliveries, completed assignments can be returned at that time. There is also a drop off box outside the grade school and high school office doors.

Library Books:

If you would like to request a new library book, you can return your current book and send a request to Mrs. Breeze at She will place a new book with your next packet or materials.

Returning to School:

When we are able to transition back to regular attendance, teachers will assess each student’s academic standing. Instruction for the remainder of the year will be focused on closing any gaps created as a result of this closure.

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